Mind your app not the backend!

The new framework to build and operate mobile and web backends


Main Features

Development improved

  • Develop your mobile applications efficiently and effortless with OpenBaaS APIs
  • Manage your application versions and decide which ones get live
  • OpenBaaS is Secure, rich in features and efficient, everything you need for your business application
  • Customize your application to fit your needs
  • Import or export your application

Manage Application Users

  • Create new Users, update or delete already created ones
  • Set Users permissions to limit content access
  • Create User groups and define group permissions
  • Access to User session tokens

Media files

  • Upload your videos, music and images into the OpenBaaS Cloud
  • Stream your music or videos from the OpenBaaS Cloud to the User running the application
  • Save bandwidth by only downloading an image size you need
  • Make video streaming faster by choosing the video quality


OpenBaaS is a BAAS (Backend-as-a-Service) platform that enables the quick development of web and mobile applications by using predefined and structured features common to the most the applications.

With OpenBaaS, the main concern of the developer will only be adapt their application to his business goal, being secured the common backend of the app in a quickly and pre-defined way.

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